Boob Rant 😳

I had average sized boobs (34c) before pregnancy.

I just measured myself again because I have been having breast pain after wearing a bra sized at 34d. Turns out I am a 34ddd now. I am 21 weeks along and shudder to think how big they will be once milk comes in. 😬😅

I have noticed way more neck/shoulder pain and tension and lots more headaches.... and I am pretty sure it is from wearing ill fitting bras and also just not being used to having bigger bazingas.

I knew my boobs would grow in pregnancy, but didnt expect this much and I am now sad that I cant find a bra at the store and have to order online. I feel for all you ladies out there who struggle with this too. 🙌😭

Just had to rant this out. Lol Annoyances aside, I am enjoying my fuller boobs and so is hubby 😂 silver lining, I guess.