Hcg betas


Hi everyone 🤗 so I’m 44 and pregnant ! I found out at 8dpo. I am now 5weeks and maybe 3-4 days. I had some betas drawn up . The last one was about 1am this morning at the er. I had a scan on Friday the 19th and they couldn’t see anything in the uterus. They did another draw on Friday which was 2017.3 and at 1am today my beta was 3246 which is really not a jump from Friday. Plus they did another scan and they seen an empty tiny gestational sack . They were kind of like on the ehh side about my beta numbers. But I go back Thursday to get another draw and then see the midwife on Friday . Plus another ultrasound on March 4th which would put me at 7 weeks. Has any one had some numbers not rising that much but had a healthy pregnancy? I put up a pic of my first 4 numbers.

And at 1am today it was 3246 from 2017 on the 19th.