I can no longer stomach my husband’s unhygienic ways.

My Husband doesn't use toilet paper

I've dated a few boys over the years before finding my SO, but I've never seen anything as bizarre as what he's doing. Some of you may think I'm trolling, but for the love of god, I kid you not. I just don't have the will to say this to him or anyone else, so I figured it was harmless to come on here where there's no shame of anyone who knows me. My new husband, mostly while sleeping and other random times throughout the day, has a habit of picking his butt and sprinkling bits across the bed that I'll find and get grossed out about, as well as other areas around the house too. I know that people can sometimes be into weird things, but I can't tell you how unappealing it is to be in the bed and spot crumbs at random moments, and it really destroys any mood for me personally. How the heck do I tell him that he has to stop without coming off weird and condescending? He does it under the covers, and I'll have no clue about it, and I don't want to sleep where there's literal shit crumbs laying around.