How Media Shapes Your Personality, As A Millenial

If you take a personality quiz and don’t share it, did it even happen?If a friend says, “You’re such a Phoebe,” you know exactly how you feel about it. You’re either flattered because you do see yourself as the quirky outsider, or you’re fuming that they don’t see you as the more central Rachel or Monica. And no matter your reaction, you’re going to talk about it with them and probably about three other people (just to confirm that they see you the way you think you are). This is the central piece of what producer and host Lauren Tegtmeyer examines in this episode of Pop Psych. Millennials have a media obsession and also, as it turns out, an obsession with defining their identity and personality. So it only makes sense that they would combine these two things to create a shorthand for determining their place in a group (aka personality traits) and their perceived storyline (narrative identity). Additionally, millennials are increasingly undefined by classic markers like religion, sexuality, or their hometown, and are looking to media for characters and storylines to make their lives and the world feel a little bit less unknown.