Uti or pregnancy


Hello everyone I'm trying to figure out if I have a uti. I have an appointment with my doctor on the 4th but im trying to rest my nerves. My symptoms are consistent with either a uti or pregnancy. Im leaning on uti because it's too soon to say that I'm pregnant. If I was pregnant I conceived last Wednesday which was 7 days ago. So I doubt that my symptoms would be showing so soon. Here are my symptoms:

Tender breast started at day 19 of cycle

Pelvic cramps that come and go which started on day 17

Lower back pain which started on day 17

Fatigue started on day 16

Increase hunger started day 19

Headaches day 17

Light headed day 19

Prolonged urination (when I urinate their is no sudden urge just build up of uterine pressure and urination is lasting long enough to sing my ABC's twice) day 17

Elevated temp started on day 19

Creamy stretchy sticky cm that dries quickly and then looks like baby powder once dry but their is an abundance

Pink spotting on days 16 and 17

I have never had a uti and don't have any burning or irritation so I don't know if this is the start of one or not.

Again im just trying to get some ideas of what id going on with my body to put my nerves at ease.

Please give any opinion 🙏