A bit of a mess.


Ok I really need some help or advice!

I found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks ago after trying for nearly a year me and my partner were extremely happy. I started having extreme cramps about 3 days ago and started bleeding but only a very small amount. I also had all my early pregnancy symptoms disappear (sore nipples,fatigue,sensitive smell) just go one morning😞

My app says I’m about 5 weeks and I went for an ultrasound today and they couldn’t see anything apart from the gestational sac so I’m absolutely terrified! I’ve had bloods taken today and going back on Friday for them to be taken again so I’ll have a better understanding but if anyone else has been through something similar and had a good outcome I’d love some positivity🤞🏼 or maybe the realisation that I maybe in for another miscarriage.

Tia x