Hey ladies I am 29 years old.

My husband&I want to be parents for the first time. We have been married for 2 yrs it will be 3 yrs in October. I have never had a baby never been pregnant. Basically you can say we will be first time parents.

I am nervous I think is normal? Because I'm not a mom yet.. any way we agree to try next year. due to the pendemic we stayed home for a year. We have one more mission to travel one more time safely before having a baby.

Our wedding anniversary is October 6th 2018. So we wanted to try to have an October baby. Yes I am obsessed with October is my favorite month my favorite season is autumn 🍂 love Halloween 🎃.

My husband proposed in October a year before our wedding.

Now we wanna try to bring an October baby👶 😍🍁🧡🍂 but when should I start conceiving for an October baby?

I also kinda wanna surprise my husband with the best anniversary present 🎁 🧡🍂 I know sometimes it happens when it happens ill be happy either way. But what month should I conceiving to give birth in October?

Any ladies that gave birth in October? Or wanna try for October babies or is it just me lmao.