Not attracted to my soulmate

I’m 17. My “boyfriend” is 16 we are very long distance where as he lives in a different state. We met online and have never met in person. We have always “clicked” and he has a pretty amazing personality, and I love him for that. He is very in love with me and I love him too. It’s just when I see his face I just am not attracted. Maybe it’s just the pictures he takes I don’t know and we rarely actually video call. If I’m being honest with myself we originally started dating because he refused to have a platonic relationship, and wanted more. After turning him down 6 times he wanted to end our friendship all together so I made the decision to become more than friends because I didn’t want to lose him. I feel very comfortable with him and he is so supportive of me. And I admire his personality and ambition. But more and more I think maybe thinks may not go as he is planning, I’ll explain. At the moment he is a junior while I’m a senior in high school. He wants to move here from his state to go to school and want to move in together. I just don’t believe financially this is possible, and I don’t know for sure if I want to move out of the house so soon when I’m trying to get my life together, I had always planned to stay at home while I finish school until I feel ready enough to go into the world by myself. I don’t think I’d be ready by the time he is ready to go to college. Another worry is that I doubt my parents will approve of our relationship. They are against dating people you e never met and long distance from another state. And I feel like these worries are selfish because he is willing to leave everything he has behind. Realistically can’t see moving out at 18 together and be financially somewhat stable. I’m sorry to went off on a tangent but I feel like this factors are also weighing of me and I don’t know about adult life and just want, or more so need advice on this situation.

Thank you :)

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