4mm retained placenta

Shelby • First time mumma Pre and postnatal specialist personal trainer

Hi guys!

So I’m 7 weeks PP, haven’t stopped bleeding since giving birth. Anyway, went for an internal ultrasound today which has shown 4mm of either left over placenta or it could be a polyp, the only way to know for sure is to have a laparoscopy.

The gynaecologist said as I was fit, healthy, showing no signs of infection and my bloods came back fine, it wasn’t a rush for the surgery so it would be booked in weeks down the line, or I could just wait until my next period because if it is any left over placenta it would likely come out during my period.

I chose to wait as I’m terrified at the thought of being put under for an operation, but I have (stupidly) been googling about retained placenta and have scared the crap out of myself because of the risks of leaving retained placenta up there (haemorrhage etc..)

Has anyone had a small piece of leftover pregnancy tissue that has come out by itself??