Does herpes last a month?


About a month and a half after i last had sex i saw some bumps near the opening of my vag on the skin part not the inside.

They don’t hurt just look red, and they never seemed to be pus/liquid filled or blister. But i know its not ingrown bc i dont really shave. But they have been there for a month and it seems like new ones are popping up. ? I have really bad health anxiety. I feel like herpes outbreak doesnt last this long from what I’ve read and so many people say that theirs are so painful and im not experiencing any of that😭. They are only painful when i touch down on them.

Just annoying I plan on getting tested blood wise eventually but I have been to the obgyn like 4 times for different reasons this year and the bumps weren’t there until 1.5 months after sex and they werent there during my pap/pelvic exam which was a week after sex (also normally when ppl get their first OB) and i was tested igg for herpes before this partner and i was negative.