AHH I have to talk to someone😩

Kelsi • 21 TTC #1 with PCOS💕

Sooo I’m pretty excited! I was kinda eavesdropping yesterday while making dinner🙈 and I heard my boyfriend talking on the phone with his mom about getting his grandmas ring from her and adding a stone to it. It didn’t hit me until now, tomorrow will be exactly 1 month until our 4 year anniversary. I THINK HES THINKIN OF PROPOSING YALL😭 not 100% sure and not trying to get my hopes up but he made a comment yesterday “Look at you being all cute, you better start acting like a wife” I just laughed but now it makes sense ahhh I just had to share with someone☺️😊

UPDATE: I’mma be a wife🥺🥰💍