Repost** Ladies i have no idea how this happened lol something inside me is tell me, like nahh😩


Im freaking out I have not honestly not had any period since 3 years ago after I removed my implanon implant I didn't even ovulate, I took a test and it was a faint line!

I took another one two days later another positive!! I dont have any symptoms iv been drinking and smoking(im a chain smoker) as per normal up until this day

I have experienced 2 miscarriages before then i had my son in 2018 who now turns 3

Google is making me crazy, IV read cancerous tumors gives a positive, due to implant gives you fake positives,

I sound extremely annoying but i promise its just fears 😩

Is there a heartbeat even what if i was and im not anymore my

symptoms are gone!! Somehow i cant believe this is real i dont want to get excited to soon😓

When i first tested

Two days later.