Articles about COVID-19 vaccine?

Has anyone found any good articles regarding the COVID vaccine during pregnancy? I’ve heard it can possibly give immunity to my baby, but I’m also afraid of the unknown possible effects on my baby years down the road since studies are only being conducted on the immediate effects. I’m so torn on this subject! I’m in California and due next month so I don’t have much more time to decide, but I’m worried about the potential exposure to both me and my baby in the hospital. I’m really interested in finding good scientific articles to help convince me one way or the other, so if you know of any please share!

I should also mention that I’m not eligible yet, but should supposedly be eligible by March 15 at the very soonest in California, but I don’t know what the waiting time will be like to actually make an appointment. Even if I’m able to get it next week, I may not be able to finish both shots by the time I deliver, so that’s another dilemma!