Fluctuating Symptoms

I’m 4 weeks, 4 days, and I’ve been experiencing sore breasts and having some nausea. I’ve also had some cramping, but not like period cramps- they’re more like bloating but lower in the abdomen than normal bloating. This morning my breasts are still sore, but not as bad, and I’m not as nauseous. I’ve had three recurrent miscarriages, so I’ve already been an anxious, emotional mess since I found out I was pregnant last Monday. Are fluctuating symptoms normal?? I go in for another blood draw tomorrow to check my hcg count. I’m on vaginal progesterone, metformin, and low dose aspirin. I just want this little peanut to stick so badly... my husband and I have wanted a baby for three years now. I’m 29 and healthy, and I just don’t understand why this has happened so many times to us. I don’t think I can go through this a fourth time.