Dealing with BV!šŸ˜µ


I been dealing with BV for over 10+ yrs! I get it all the time and I have seen my gyno for this problem so many times I lost count! He has said that you can not get it from your partner but I recently saw an article that suggested that men can carry it but they have no symptoms from it! So I have to bring this article to my doctor's attention! He told me next time I get one he is considering doing a DNC on me? I'm not sure if a procedure like this is necessary but I'm so tired of dealing with this! Anyone here have the same problem? Or have any suggestions? I'm open to anything at this point!

FYI- I always pee after sex and clean myself up with wipes until I can get to a shower! I changed all my period products to all natural because of the warning issues related to the use of using regular period products just to see if that would help! I don't want to have to go to the gyno every time this happens! It's so bad that it makes me not even want to have sex anymore because I know of the repercussions!