Can animals tell you something about the baby?

I'm about 30w pregnant and afraid my dog and cat are trying to tell me something.

Yes I realize that sounds crazy.

Both of them have been more cuddly since I got pregnant, but two days ago their personalities went from cuddly to obsessive. They are both eating drinking and pooping normal...

My dog is following me around with her tail between her legs insisting on leaning against me... She also started jumping up in bed to sleep with me. She has never done that.

My cat is following me around meowing incessantly and wants to sleep on my face... He has also never done that.

I'm afraid they're trying to tell me something about the baby, who is still moving so seems fine. I don't want to be the crazy person who calls the nurse line for this. What would I even say? "The baby is still moving fine but my animals are acting funny?"