Pregnant and got a X-ray is there any X-ray techs here or anyone who can help me understand

I’m so worried now I explained this to the doctor there and she was shocked and said I’m sorry he should’ve put a shield on ur stomach so I went and got a chest X-ray I didn’t even want to In the first place but they wanted me to since I was having shortness of breath really bad and the X-ray tech never put a shield on my stomach he had me stand up and put the machine right in front of my stomach to get my chest done and he put a rolling board in the back of me I literally said it 5 times are you sure this board standing behind me is protecting my baby and he said yes but now I’m hearing otherwise I’m so pissed please someone tell me if this happened to you I’m 30 weeks pregnant and he knew I was pregnant for sure he knew how worried I was so I don’t know why didn’t cover my stomach