Not Pregnant - Feel Pregnant

I haven’t menstruated since November 2020. I don’t track ovulation so I am unsure if I’m ovulating. I’ve wanted to take a birth control cleanse (took myself off Nuvaring in October 2020) but obviously to be safe I tested to make sure I wasn’t pregnant before doing this. I’m trying to get my body and hormones back to “normal” after 3 years of bc. This morning the test was a stark negative. But the past two weeks I have had this constant feeling of nausea in my throat (I know that sounds weird but, that’s where I feel it). Also lots of discharge, tingly nipples, super high sex drive which is very uncommon for me. This whole situation is just frustrating. I want to feel normal and be normal so I can be pregnant. And there’s just a lot of fear I’ll never get there again. And I just did a bunch of reading on the Nuvaring, turns out it’s not as great for you as I was lead to believe and now I wonder if I’ll ever recover.

Just venting. I needed to write this shit out.