Breastfeeding bottles recommendations?


I am breastfeeding mostly, with one or two bottles per day. We have tried so many bottles, and she gets choked very seriously multiple times with most bottles, and she is gassy. I’ve done a lot of research and I think that this problem has to do with the fact that when she latches on the boob, milk only flows if she is actually sucking. So she is able to stop and breathe, while bottles flow constantly (even if it’s extremely slow), making her choke. I have researched and it seems that the Medela Calma bottles have a nipple that is supposed to only flow when baby sucks. I ordered some to try but Medela has never been my favorite, so I am hoping to find other bottles that use this same technology in order to try? ANY suggestions??

So far we tried dr browns bottles, MAM, Tommee tippee, and nuk.