Giving you guys hope! 2% morphology, low count.

A • 🤰🏼 w/ #3.

Hi guys. Just wanting to give some hope out there, because I know with MFI, it’s hard to have. I had lost all hope and we were waiting for the fertility clinic to give us a phone call.

Husband had cancer and went through chemo, with only one testicle left.

His completely overall count - 17 mill, 58% motility, 2% morphology.

These were even lower before he decided to take Fertilaid for men! (The 3 pack) he took them for 4.5 months.

As I’m writing this I’m 13 weeks pregnant!

The last month I had decided I wasn’t going to track ovulation, and just have intercourse every other day and enjoy the month. It worked!! Relaxing a bit must have helped somewhere!

Don’t lose hope ladies.