1st month TTC after quitting bc and I'm confused!


I quit taking birth control this month after being on it for over 2 years. I expected my body to take some time to adjust but I'm hoping someone here as a little insight for me. My period started 2 days late and only lasted one full day, the second day I had some dark old blood, nothing the third day then just some spotting the night of the fourth. I'm now on CD 8 and my CM is mostly clear, just a little cloudy, sticky and somewhat stretchy. Is it possible that I'm already ovulating? Glow says ovulation shouldn't start till the 27th. My husband and I had sex last night but due to work and a million other things we have to do I'm not sure we'll be able to do it again till Friday when we start our vacation. My projected fertile window was perfectly timed with my vacation before but now I'm worried that we'll miss it. So basically if anyone has any advice on what exactly my body is doing, that would be great!

A little extra info that might answer possible questions... I am not tracking my BBT yet or using any type of OPK. Also, I did take a pregnancy test after my weird period just to make sure and it was negative.

Thanks in advance!