Hi, well iam writting bc i need advice from the ladys! :)

Well iam moving me myself in a week i have been in a 5 mnth relationship and in those 5 months I have had a miscarriage he didn't want the baby because I was moving and he already has a son here where we are at but it is not mine. It was hard because I was in the middle of confusion of why he didn't want my child when his son, he doesn't even want himself we have been having unprotected sex and I am worried that by the time I get to my destination I may be pregnant and I'm worried that once again since I'm far he will do the same thing trust me I love him dearly but at the same time I have always wanted a family because I never had 1. He told me he wanted a kid but when the time came he totally changed and I just hope that this one time he would change in step up and be a father because the reason why I had a miscarriage the stress the disappointment and I just hope that he doesn't do the same thing because it was for the health of me and my baby is it wrong to continue to want to be with him when when it came down he didn't want my baby. And is it wrong to make him choose between his son and our relationship with his son is being taken care by his grandparents and always has since he was born his son was never part of my boyfriend's life and now that I'm in the picture I would like to start my family somewhere else out of state and he wants to continue to be here because of his son when the time came that I met him he never spent time with him and that he's never slept with him and he's never taken him a shower his grandparents the child's grandparents and his aunts have always taken care of him ever since he was born all my boyfriend has done is show his face around choose between me and our future a family we have both always wanted or his son the person have never take care of and the person have never loved enough the way he loves me . Am I wrong?