Miscarriage and abortion

Jessica • From Iowa, 25 years old and trying for our first baby.
When I was very young I experienced both a miscarriage and abortion (abortion because of health complications with myself and baby) I was very sad and upset by both. I still struggle daily with it because I want more than anything to be a mom. My question is, could any of this effect my chances to conceive now? This was 7 years ago and my doctor had said I am fine and neither one will effect me trying to conceive. I am a healthy active 25 year old. I am just wondering if anyone had been in my shoes and had a baby? Should I be worried or is there nothing to worry about? We have been trying for 3 months now and just when I think it's my month to be pregnant, I end up getting my period right on time. Just crossing my fingers and praying that the next month will be a BFP for me. Anyone else out there have any advise or experience??