Yesterday’s test vs today.

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So I’m three days late now. (Cycle varies every month mine you so it’s really a guesstimate) I took a test yesterday and it came back with what I thought was a faint line. Even my husband saw it. Tonight I took one, and it’s pretty much stark white. (But it’s not after a hold so idk) yesterday’s test was a blue dye. Tonight’s was FRER. I will say I am on birth control and am aware it can mess with my cycle. I just test to make sure that way if I DO get pregnant I can come off of my meds safely without hurting anything. (I’m on quite a few that shouldn’t be taken during pregnancy.) I don’t see anything, but do y’all? Bc I’m confused. I’ll post yesterday’s test in the comments bc for some reason it won’t let me post it on the post.