Finally have my postpartum period after 4 years! 😩


Words can’t explain how I feel now that I have received my period aka the devil again after 4 happy long years lol! Life was to good, I was starting to get spoiled! Not being able to buy pads, think about if I’m going to bleed through my pants every time I sit down and get up, feeling that gush, blood clots, craaaaaaaaaaamps, bloated, sleepy, annoyed, feeling unclean no matter how many showers you take, that blood still gon come! Sorry I had to vent, this thang came back like it never dammit left! But what I can say ☝🏽 is that during the wait I gave birth to three beautiful babies 💪🏾🥰❤️and it only lasts 3 days, but them three days feels like walking through hell with gasoline panties on