Am I being controlling/ toxic?

I have trust issues and I can’t control my insecurities. It’s horrible! My bf doesn’t have any female friends at all. He doesn’t even have much guy friends. He only hangs out with his brothers and one guy.

So his friend has a female friend that was selling a car. It was a used 2018 vehicle for 5,000 bucks! My bf was interested in the vehicle for his little brother who just got his license. His friend told the girl he was interested so she requested him on social media.

I know it was true because that girl posted her car and posted “it was good having you for the past 3 years. Off you go with your new owner”

Well they’re still friends on social media. I mean he doesn’t follow her back but she does. Her profile is public.

My psycho self told him if he can please remove her. He asked me “why?” I told him I felt very insecure since I know he never has female friends. He said she’s not his friend but still has her just in case he has questions about the car

Hmmm!!! Yesterday, I told him I didn’t feel comfortable again. I told him he needs to remove her. He said he wasn’t going to remove anyone. So I ended it.

He called me all last night and all of today but honestly I don’t wanna talk before I ask for advice from you guys. Did I over react? 😩😩

He left me voicemails that he loves me so much and that he misses me. He told me to calm down and to quit my attitude. But I can’t!!! I texted him “okay, we can work this out if you delete her”

He said no and also because it’s his friends friend. Thoughts please?????

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