Medical advice from a Doula

Okay, I've been a Doula for a few years and one of my friends almost died and her baby almost died during child birth because she went against a doctor's medical advice because her doula told her too. I'm gonna say this. Doulas are NON MEDICAL! I'm not knocking what I do, because I love it but it's fairly easy to become a Doula. You should not be taking medical advice from your Doula. I'm only saying this because sadly this isn't the first story I've heard of birth givers taking medical advice from a Doula that ended up putting them at risk. Listen to your doctor. If you need a second opinion, then find another doctor. I'm not saying some advice Doulas give aren't helpful. Some really is. But if your Doula is telling you to go against your doctor plz take into consideration that Doulas aren't medical before making that decision.

Edit: I want to add, if the advice has to do with things like epidural that's your decision, but if it's something that can put you or your baby at risk remember Doulas aren't medical. I'm saying this to protect birth givers, babies, AND the Doula industry.