Did anything happen after you had your membranes swept?

Emily • 1 Samuel 1:27 🤰 Due June 14, 2021 with my first! 💙

I am 38 + 3 with my first. This morning at my weekly visit my doctor was a little concerned that I was showing potential early signs of pre-eclampsia. She ordered up some extra labwork that we'll get the results for tomorrow to see if I need to be induced early or not.

Meanwhile, we agreed to go ahead and do a membrane sweep in case that'll encourage anything to happen naturally. I am 70% effaced and 2 cm dilated. I know it'll only work if my body is ready, and usually with your first they tend to come a little late.

Did anything actually happen after you had your membranes swept? If so, how far along were you and were you dilated/effaced yet? Think I have a chance of it working this early? 😬🤞🏻