Delivering at a different hospital than your obgyn


What was your experience delivering at a hospital your obgyn isn't associated with?

My obgyn delivers at a hospital kinda far from us (even her office is far from it) and she told me I could go to the hospital closer to us but she wouldn't be able to deliver there however she'll send my medical history to them anyway. The hospital she does deliver at, my sister had 2 bad experiences there with both her births. The hospital closer to us is the one I'm familiar with and had my first child there. Also I'm not very close with my obgyn this time around so I don't really care if it's her delivering or not, she's nice but not very personable (not like any of the OB's from my 1st pregnancy) and there's also a chance a male obgyn from this office will be on call day of delivery which I'm not comfortable with but if I go to the other hospital then there's still a chance of then having a male on call as well.. So I feel like it boils down to which hospital I prefer and which hospital is closest to my house since my 1st child will be home.

If anyone has any experience they'd like to share I'd greatly appreciate it!