Frustrated waiting to ovulate!

Do any of you have irregular cycles which really piss you off every so often?! I'm having one of those days where I have just had enough. 
​I've been ttc for almost 8 months now, I know compared to others it's not that long but since going off the pill 9 months ago I have had very irregular periods.. Only 4 periods in 8 months. My last two periods were consecutive and I seemed to have ovulated on my last cycle so I've spent the last month so excited to have the opportunity this month... Except I am yet to ovulate. A few days ago I had some light pink spotting and have been having cramps but I feel like my body is playing with me. 
​Since we have started trying I have had so many people close to me get pregnant even when not trying. My sister in law has got married and pregnant during this period of time and as happy as I am for her I can't stop being sad for myself. 
​I'm praying for a positive soon!! It's really starting to get me down.