First night away from toddler... maybe


Okay so I’m a SAHM to this crazy and wonderful little girl Lilly. She is a handful! Lol. She’s a tornado! She keeps me on my toes! But I’m used to it. However her dad is not bc he’s only ever been at home alone with her for maybe 2 hours max.

So I have a doctors appointment in a couple days that is 1.5 hours away. I’m going to be gone for approx 6 hours. Soooo her dad would have take care of her breakfast, lunch, and a nap all by himself. Normally his mom comes over and helps him but she’s going to be busy that day.

My mom has offered to take her the night before and let her spend the night. And then of course watch her while I’m at my appointment. It would be my mom, dad, and 22-year-old sister. So I think they’re all fully capable. However Lilly’s dad thinks that she is too young to spend a night away from home. And he said he also doesn’t think that they can all keep up with her. I think that’s just total craziness. They’ve wanted her to spend a night for the longest time now.. and I’ve always said no bc Lilly’s Dad says no.

Tbh I’m more worried about him getting stressed out and just leaving her in front of the TV for six hours while I’m gone, and not changing her diaper when it should be changed. I’m not saying he’s a bad dad, I just don’t think he understands what goes into our daily routine and how stressful it can get doing it by yourself. Bc he hasn’t lived my daily reality with her.

Do I leave her at home with him and worry? Or do I send her to my moms house? Normally we make all decisions regarding Lilly together. But this is a decision we are not seeing eye to eye on. What would you do if you were in my shoes?



So literally the evening after I posted this her Dad wrecked my car into the ditch. Two houses away from home!!!! He didn’t get seriously hurt, thankfully. But my car did! He woke up the next morning and couldn’t bend, couldn’t pick Lilly up, definitely couldn’t run after her if he would need to bc he can barely walk. And he STILL wanted me to leave her with him. Umm no. Not after I already don’t have full trust in him. And I know she’s not going to just chill with him on the couch for 6+ hours. So I took Lilly to my moms last night. I stayed there til she fell asleep. I’m omw to pick her up now. She slept the whole night thru, I FaceTimed her when she got up, and then before and after my appt. I’m so excited to see her lol. The separation anxiety is real for me lol. My mom said she hasn’t cried for me or cried at all! Yay!!!!! Big girl! I called her dad just now and he is STILL in bed bc his back hurts smh. So he definitely wasn’t up for taking care of Lilly by himself. Maybe next time lol... but thank you ladies for your responses.

Oh here’s a pic of my car... bc I can’t make this stuff up smh 🤦🏼‍♀️ it’s always something!