Semi-pleasurable sex HELP !!

Okay so I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 6-7 months now. I care about him a lot but he is not as well endowed down there as my previous relationship, this may sound harsh but I went from a long with great girth to not much length and okay girth.

We have some steamy sessions (maybe 5) where I am about to burst then he finishes to quickly or he loses his erection. Other times it’s that I cannot feel him unless we are in the doggy style position. I feel extreme bad that because of this I have been avoiding sex with him so that I am not agitated that he always gets his pleasurable moment and I’m laying there mad and just down right frustrated because he is not doing what I need him to do. Secondly I have never gotten the concept of oral for women, that seems as if it doesn’t work for me .

He has tried to get me to my peak with that and it’s like that never happens either. I have my own stash of toys in my night stand but I feel bad using them afterwards cause I know it’s like he is feeling as if he is was not enough. Recently bought a rose and it’s like I try to use that before he tries to start anything so it’s like I’m having to dim down my sexual desire because no matter how hard he has tired he can’t seem to keep up . Again you guys I feel really bad and I care about him a lot , so I don’t want to just break it off cause of sex . Sex is important but not tot he extent break up with someone. Please HELP !!