Breast feeding question

Sandi • Boy mom x3 💙💛

If I start pumping the usual 8-9 times, is it possible to get my supply back?? My supply was superb while baby was in nicu. Now that he’s home, sleep is non existent and I’ve fallen off with my routine. I was initially going to just stop completely but I HATE feeling engorged so I pump when I feel full but still go a full 20-30 mins. I pump maybe 4 times a day and only get about an ounce to ounce 1/2 each sesh. At his developmental check up today, the dr told me I should just try nursing and I’d really really like to! So back to my question: is it possible to get my supply back if I start pumping as much as I’m supposed to and putting him to breast as well? Also if anyone has any recommendations or experience building their supply back up, please share! Thank you ❤️