So I mentioned in another post about how miserable I’ve been feeling since early June. Doctor told me to add salt into my water, liquid iron into my diet, and to wear compression socks. Nothing helps. I went to the L&D yesterday after my finger, nose, and around my eye went numb along with nauseas and vomiting. Nothing was out of the ordinary except it was a bit hard for them to draw any blood. Today I went to my normal OB appointment and my blood pressure was 80 something over 40 something.. and i was explaining how awful I’ve been feeling like I have been since early June. She made me take a urine sample and sent me on my way.. never heard anything about the urine so idk what is up?? Like I got no answers lol. I have an appointment next week so I guess we will see then.. I’m only 35 weeks and 2 days so no inducing will be happening here but it’d be nice.