Labor approaching?

Hi! Another FTM thinking every ache, pain, and restless night is labor coming lol.

Anyway I’m 36.5 weeks. My cervical check up for dilation and effacement is the 28th (Wednesday). Today I’m just absolutely exhausted due to literally peeing all night and I have a lot of pelvic/rectum pressure along with a bunch of Braxton Hicks and back pain. It feels more like my period is about to start or I’m on the heaviest flow day at times.

For 3 days I’ve been loosing good chunks of my plug and every time I wipe there’s so much discharge. My boy is no longer in my ribs and has calmed down activity wise. I feel his feet above my belly button. On top of that he is so low that when he moves sometimes it send such a bad pain through my cervix🥴

Just a little bit ago I vomited and have of course been feeling nauseous since. I was wondering if these are normal symptoms for this time frame for if maybe I might be looking to head to the hospital soon!?! At my last appointment on the 16th my doctor told me I was having mild contractions which was nothing of concern it just meant my body was doing what it needed to for a good delivery. Help a soon to be momma out please💙♌️

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