Im so worried 🥺😞


So im finding out today after looking at my youngest daughter (11 months) records from her birth that her amniotic fluid was low at 38 weeks which was when they decided to deliver her because she had some heart rate drops while monitoring. But her fluid levels at 38 weeks was 8 where as to this pregnancy im 35 weeks and its already at a 6 so this definitely concerns me for my baby 🥺🥺 I have been drinking plenty of water but it seems to not be helping. 😞 and my doctor isnt back in until monday so i just have to sit here and hope nothing is wrong with my baby. Im so concerned. 😞😞😞 and theres nothing i can do but wait until monday and im sure at that point shell be checking the fluid again and if its dropped too a 5 or under she said she will admit me. But what am i supposed to do until then if some thing goes wrong. I mean, some thing went wrong with my other pregnancy at 8 cm fluid so its a high chance of some thing going wrong at 6 cm fluid ... So this is just extremely stressful on me.