Baby not sleeping husband upset

Hi everyone my baby is 7 months old. Hes teething and hasnt been sleeping much and its making my husband mad. I know other mommy apps say that a 7 month old sleeps more then 8 hours straight our baby does not. My husband is now mad at me because i havent called the doctor yet to tell them our baby is only get 6 hrs a night of sleep. I came home from work tonight and my husband watched the baby and right when i walk in the door he says we are not having a 2nd kid he hasnt napped and wont stop crying this is ridiculous we arent having a 2nd one. If you want a 2nd one we will divorce and your new husband can give you more. He says its not normal for the baby to be like this. Mind you he barely watches him. He works 6 days a week. I work, watch the baby all morning and then at all night when i get home. I do everything for our son and i love every second of it. He watched him and acted like this. Saying our son hates him and everything and he only likes me. So now since our son is not sleeping 8 plus hours a night he says i need to call the dr and find out why and if theres anything we can give him.