How offended should I be?

So I’ve been married for over 10 years. We’ve tried for a baby, has never happened. Have sorta just gotten to the point where it’s not a BIG deal anymore. Well now life is super busy. Between my job and the husbands job we don’t get a lot of alone time if ya know what I mean. So it’s maybe 2 times maybe 3 that we’ve had sex since my last period. Well my period is four days late. I feel like it’s just because of a new schedule though so not freaking out right. I mentioned today that I better take a tampon in the store with me just in case and mentioned my period is four days late. He says, well we haven’t had sex since your last period so if you’re pregnant must be someone else’s……and I’m like, first off yes we have, second off, excuse the fuck out of me?! What did you just say to me? So now I’ve been just driving around shopping with him thinking about this comment the whole time and I’m kinda mad and hurt and offended by it. I mean I’m pretty sure I’m not but the fact you think oh she must be screwing around…really?! 😑