What would you do?


I’m 35. I have one daughter that’s 13 and I have sole custody of her. Her biological mother hasn’t been around her since she was 6 months.

I’ve dated here and there throughout the years but as a single parent with a kid full time, it goes without describing how difficult meeting new people and dating really is.

I met this wonderful lady who’s 28 and has a son that’s 5 years old who is fatherless. Her and I hit it off first night and I told her friendship only bc relationships are a lot of work and responsibility.

She stayed at my place and never left which from sticking around, we developed into a relationship after a few months.

We didn’t argue, we didn’t have issues, I thought things were great. She wanted me to be a role model and father figure to her son. Without her asking or requesting, I definitely was that and more. Yet, she had absolutely nothing to do with my daughter. Not even conversations.

Granted, my daughter entertains herself, stays to herself and is self reliant. She rarely seeks any attention whatsoever but I felt for over the year my gf and I were together that she could have stepped up to the plate as I do to at least talk, help with hair and makeup, cook together or something to connect with her but okay, fine.

After a year of being together, my gf wanted us to move from Louisiana to Alabama bc she got an offer as an emergency tech at a hospital so why not, we moved. After a few months of being in Alabama, she got fired. I helped her get a job working from home make $4 more per hour.

After she got the job, she left me In Alabama so I ended up moving back to Louisiana. We were apart for nearly a month all together before we got back together living in Louisiana at my place again and after a few months, boom she left me again, stayed gone for a month, came back, stayed for a few months and left again.

It’s been almost a month now and she’s back blocking and unblocking, blocking and unblocking me on social media for me to notice. She’s been texting, emailing and calling.

Her parents showed up to my house around 9pm tonight without texting or calling first and I didn’t answer the door. I imagine, she sent her parents to my home to see if I was gone or had another woman here.

I haven’t replied or responded. I won’t be taking her back in again bc I believe it to be toxic, dysfunctional and confusing the kids.

I don’t trust her and I can’t rely on her.

After the first time she left and came back, she slept with another person but said it wasn’t cheating bc she left me and we were apart but that’s such bull. I feel, in order to cheat you have to leave the person you’re with to go be with another. Just like it takes two ppl to get into a relationship, it also takes two ppl to exit a relationship. In my heart, she cheated.

I haven’t slept with anyone since her and I started out long ago even through her leaving and coming episodes. I want to move on but it isn’t easy to meet new people at all.

I don’t want to isolate myself into depression. We have similar circle of friends that continue to try snd put us back together so I been keeping my distance from them lately and seeking a new circle of friends.

In fact, I’m honestly contemplating moving to another state to start fresh and call it a day. If you been through something similar or could voice your thoughts I will appreciate it very much.

I posted photos of us so you can have a visual.

Thanks in advance for all comments.