Ummm kind of weird but needed some advice

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Hiiiiiii girlsssss!! I have a situation on my hand that I don’t really know how to handle and was wondering if you guys could help me out a little! Imma be going into some details, nothing too graphic but just a heads up :)

Sooo I met this mans on tinder and we’ve been dating for around 3 months rn. We dove right into everything 🤌🏿 and we’re very comfortable with each other. He was huge into degrading and humiliating me in the bedroom(I was okay with this 😂🥴) but the other day he took it wayyyy too far and I’m not sure how to handle it. We were out on a nice date at a fancy restaurant when he leaned over and said “do you know what would be super hot? If you pissed yourself or shit your pants” this was the first time that he’s expressed these feelings outside our closed doors. Obviously I objected and he was pretty pissed about it. He has been super dry and cold for the past week. I’ve tried talking but it goes in one ear and out the other...I really like him. What should I do?