First ultrasound


Hey everyone!!

Today was my first ultrasound which i thought i am 7 weeks, and the ultrasound measured at 5 weeks. My last period was june 6, and my ovulation day was june 26. Anyways, in today’s ultrasound my doctor tried the ultrasound from the outside and she saw nothing but blood in my uterus. She said there was a lot of blood. Then she tried the transviginal ultrasound which is the internal one and she saw the yolk sac and the baby inside! She said the yolk sac is too small and for the blood I am supposed to take Duphaston to prevent miscarriage. Anyways i will provide a picture of today’s ultrasound. If anyone has experience please share it with me. Also last week when we had sex, j spotted a little bit. And yesterday after a long trip i saw some blood but not anymore.