Is he a Selfish Lover?

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Hello, Ladies!

I am posting to make a point about how many women are left sexually frustrated and sexually deprived in there relationship. Are you with someone who doesn’t care about your pleasure? Are you with someone who gets off and then stops and leaves you with no release? Does he not perform oral so you’re guaranteed to get yours?

Well, if so, and if you haven’t already; communicate with him. Let him know that intimacy is a 2 way street and you deserve pleasure & release just as much as he does.

Tell him he either starts making sure you too are pleasured from oral or dual stimulation or however YOU need it, or you’re not going to put in the effort to get him off. Do not tolerate this treatment!

NO woman deserves to give and give and never receive.

If after communicating, nothing changes, I would seriously consider finding someone who cares about your sexual pleasure. Narcissists and Selfish Lovers are the culprits most of the time. Other times it’s the man simply not knowing what you need to achieve an orgasm.

Note that only 50% of women are able to orgasm from penetration. Some need dual stimulation (penetration & clitoral stimulation), this can be with sex or oral sex & a finger or two! I am part of that 50% so in order for me to reach a glorious orgasm, I need oral and 2 fingers correctly rubbing my G Spot (The “Come here” Motion).

It irks me in my soul to see & communicate with countless women who are not having their sexual needs met.

Ladies 1st. Always.