Rough nights

Sarah • 💕 Baby girl born August 2020 💕

Overall my daughter is great with sleep. For naps, we can literally put her down and walk out of the room and she will get herself to sleep. Sometimes bedtime takes a bit more, but rarely much more, help.

But in the middle of the night there is still sometimes a time or two (sometimes none) where she wakes crying hysterically and I have kept up the horrible habit of going right in, picking her up and rocking her until she’s asleep or almost asleep.

It’s the path of least resistance but every night I have to get up, I wonder what the hell I’m still doing this for. But how the hell do I find the nerve to go through formal sleep training at this point?? I feel like I’ve screwed myself and I’m stuck with this until she figures it out.

What do your nights look like at this point? She should be sleeping through the night consistently without intervention right?