13 DPO - what I did and how I feel - BFFP

BFFP - big fat FAINT positive lol
So I am 13 DPO and I don't really feel different. I had "maybe" signs but still it so early. My clothes are already a lil snug other than that not many symptoms. My boobs don't really hurt but they feel full. At 11 DPO  I felt like a pulsing pain on my left side (which I did not ovulate from) then it stopped for hours and then a couple times on my right side the next day. I thought it could be my period. I am always hungry. Though today I am not feeling food at all!! 
I took a test yesterday bc I didn't take a test the day before just for peace of mind because I wanted wine lol. Well I saw a little something and then tweaked the picture and confirmed my suspicion. So I didn't get the wine and I took 2 different tests today in the morning and seen a faint positive. The last 2 cycles I made myself crazy with symptoms and was not pregnant. So I didn't log much because there wasn't much to log. I don't have a lot of CM.  My boobs don't hurt yet. I Did not have any implantation bleeding. Also I did not time sex every other day I just did it every day. These are all the questions I looked for during my TWW. So I thought I should post this.