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I remember being a young child; a family member used to watch porn with me & some other family members. I used to see his private parts. I remember masturbating at a young age & also I had a strong desire for women. I considered myself bisexual at the age 12. I cried! I was ashamed!!! At 14 I was deeply depressed; I tried to commit suicide & used to cut myself. Through out my teen years I gotten myself in situations & sex was always involved. My name was well known in my hometown; some people called me different names in the book. As the time went by the sexual urges increased. I felt desperate; I held a grudge towards that person for the longest. I allowed the anger towards that person to build up. He moved on with his life; while I was chasing men, running women, drugs, smoking weed, trying to have a baby because I wanted to feel love. I chased soooooo many things of the world; instead of chasing after the WORD. ADDICTIONS ARE REAL‼️‼️ whether its sex, drugs, etc… THEY ARE REAL! I knew I had a problem, I often would try to reach out for help but steady went my own way. Multiple situation-ships/relationships - abusive relationships, intercourse with women & men, having sex for money, drugs, even sleeping with family members all because I craved sex!! It was deeper than just having SEX I was trying to fill a VOID. I remember when my abusive ex tried to kill me. I was running for my life. He once tried to put me in a boat & sail me away. I got a brain injury after jumping out of a car to get away from him. He died from cancer. I laid next to him almost every night & didn’t know he was that sick until after he died. I have been close to death multiple times, being in 3 car accidents & the last one I had major injuries - broken femur, lungs collapsed, bruised spleen, & broken ribs. 6 days & 5 nights in the hospital & 2 blood transfusions. When I was released from the hospital me and my ex broke up. I had to move in with my grandparents; at the time I didn’t understand but now I see why that relationship didn’t work out. I had to learn how to walk physically but as I was learning how to walk physically it was also the beginning of my spiritual walk. I been through traumatic events in my life but Yahweh was with me. Even when I was doing the things of the world, he still chose me! Yahweh is able keep you if you wanna be kept. But how bad do you wanna be kept? It’s better for you to give Yahweh your attention; before he gets yours. MY LIFE IS FOREVER CHANGED! I am a changed WOMAN OF YAH! 1 YEAR ABSTINENT, & I FORGAVE THOSE WHO HAVE HURT ME!!! I want you to know you can do it too, do not give up! Trust Yahweh‼️‼️