Period pains- should I go to the hospital


Endotrimosis runs in my family. My mother had it and her sisters do as well. I think her mother does as well. July 7th- 15th was my last period. It hasn't been that long in awhile. 3 of those days I had off work. And 3 more of those days I had to take off work bc my pain was unbearable. My period cycles are never in a pattern, but my period hasn't been that long in awhile. On the 24th I started spotting(I think. Im not sure the difference between spotting and bleeding light). And I am still spotting today, 4 days later. I've gotten my period 2x a month a long time ago. (Years ago) but im bot sure if this is spotting or my period. The blood is dark brown and I am in immense pain. I am calling off work today. Any advice is welcome. I never learned much about my periods given my mother and I were never close.

Additional info- I am 23

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