How do you know when you're really out?

I'm just looking for some opinions because this was our last month ttc for awhile and I'm holding on to some hope. We BD two days in a row once I got a positive ovulation test last month. I had tons of creamy CM which I have ever had before and it stayed until AF showed up right on time. AF was one day shorter than normal and much less painful, I was barely bloated and only had diarrhea on day 1 when I would normally have it until about day 3. I did however still have clots. Took a test a week and a half after AF ended just to use up my last one and got a line that both me and my SO could see which has never happened before. The line came up immediately but I could not tell if there was color or not. Haven't taken another test because it seems silly to think I could be pregnant but I was SO sure that this was our month! Even had spotting last week which I NEVER have. Would you take another test?