Got diagnosed with GD now what?


For all the women who got diagnosed with gestational diabetes! When you go to the dietitians office you will sit down with someone who will explain what it is. They will give you a sugar monitor and show you how to set it up. They are going to make you poke yourself with the lancing device at some point during your appointment. Then they will have you put a drop of blood in your sugar machine so you can fully see how everything works. I know it is SUPER scary/nerve wracking to poke yourself with a needle, but after doing it I feel so much better and will be able to do it everyday. The needle is literally so small you can hardly see it. You wont even feel it I promise! They will mention insulin, but you shouldn't have to take it if you can stick to the diet/exercise regimen given to you by the dietitian. Which you will see after talking to the doc that talks to you about what GD is. The dietitian is going to let you know how many carbs you should intake at each meal/snack and let you know when you should test your levels. You will have to record your sugar levels for a week or 2 then most likely send them a picture of your sugar chart for the week(they will give it to you, but you might have to make your own copies) If your sugar is not stable and you have to take insulin you dont have to inject in the stomach. You can have someone or yourself inject in upper butt cheek(I asked) and normally it will be 1 shot a day at night. Sorry for the long post, but I thought I should let all you nervous mamas to be know. Its totally way more doable than I thought and you will get through it I promise🤗

P.s. just personally what I went through yesterday. If your dietitian says anything different than mine has I would listen to them. This is just my own experience!