am i being sensitive ?

before i got with my bf i’ve always been super outgoing, i had a lot of friends, i won class clown in high school. my bf is the opposite, stays to himself, a little judgmental, doesn’t really like people..

when we first got together he loved how extroverted i was but now idk i feel like it’s different?

it started off with him telling me i was too loud (which i get a lot), i didn’t think much of it. then it was that i had too many friends he didn’t like, and i’ll admit some of them were bad news. now, it’s that i annoy him.. i use to get this all the time. my parents always told me i was annoying and to shut up because i was talking too much. whenever i’d go to tell them something they’d say “is this going to be a long story ?” and just make me feel bad- anyways..

now i’m a SAHM, i don’t have any friends anymore because my bf made me ditch them a while ago, and my bf rarely talks to me. if he does talk it’s only when he wants to talk about something because when i talk he either stops listening or just flat out tells me he doesn’t care. it’s pretty much me, the baby, and my bf together all day. except today my bf invited one of his friends over, he’s always super nice to me and will sometimes hang back to talk to me or something. so while he was over i ended up telling a funny story about one of our cats and the friend was laughing- it felt good making someone else laugh, it’s been over a year since i’ve talked to someone for that long. so as i went to tell another funny story about the cat, my bf stopped me and said “oh my god so much talking today huh?” so i apologized and just said i had to get the baby from his nap.. but now i’m sitting in the nursery just crying and i feel so embarrassed.

EDIT: i’ve tried to talk to him but every time i do he just says “not right now” or that he does talk to me.. he also made me a schedule on when im allowed to be able to talk to him but he never goes by it or he’ll leave the house before the times so i don’t get a chance. it’s been like this for 6 years, he’s had plenty of chances to leave if i was exhausting him and i had tried to break up with him before because i thought it was me.. he wouldn’t let me and said it was my friends putting thoughts in my head, which is when he told me to stop talking to them and made me quit my job to be a SAHM. he said if i quit and dropped my friends, he’d hangout with me more.. it’s been 4yrs since i last been outside the house for more than groceries.