Scariest thing that's happened to me.

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I'm 16 years old, and just gave birth to my son born December 4th at 8:25 am. I was at home around 8 pm with back pain that I thought would just go away, after about an hour and a half I started timing them as they got closer together. Eventually around 2 am my boyfriend and I went to the hospital where they checked me and I was dilated to 3cm. They checked me again at about 3:30 am and I had dilated to a 4. At 4 am they admitted me and broke my water,  the baby pooped inside of me but didn't swallow it. I got some pain reliever to nap for an hour, and once I got to the point of considering an epidural, they checked how dilated I was and I was a full 10cm and ready to start pushing, which my body already was trying to do. I pushed for 5 minutes and gave birth to my baby boy at 8:25 am, just 4 hours after being admitted. He weighed 6 lbs 6 ounces and is 20 inches long. He had a knot in his cord that didn't seem to effect him, and he peed all over the OB right when he came out! All I could say was "I apologize for my sons behavior" 😂😂. I got to do skin to skin for about half an hour and held him a bit, but started hemorrhaging a few hours later. I needed to use the bathroom, but once I stood up I started feeling lightheaded and blood poured down my legs. I sat and then fell back and nearly passed out, I was barely conscious and felt like I was freezing. They called in nurses who grabbed the sheet under me and slid me back up the bed and took out my IV, and put in two more. One in each arm. They put an oxygen mask on me and I could hear my boyfriend crying and asking what's happening as they were trying to take the baby away from him to take to The nursery and trying to get him to leave the room. He refused to leave and refused to have the baby taken anywhere, so a nurse sat with him and talked to him to calm him down. A nurse sat inbetween my legs as other nurses kept asking me questions and patting my head to try to get me to respond. I got a shot in my leg to stop the bleeding and they used an ultrasound to find the clots In me. They were huge, the nurse inbetween my legs put her arm in me, up to her elbow, and manually dug out the clots, each one being about a handful big (felt bigger than my placenta). They put an oxygen mask on me and gave me pain reliever through something, IV maybe? I'm not sure. But I felt all of the pain from the blood clots being removed. After I became nearly completely unresponsive, they started giving me something so I would sleep. I woke up a few hours later and thought I was dead because I couldn't move at first. I had a hard time with it and couldn't talk for a while either. My boyfriend was in the corner holding the baby, i could hear him cooing so I tried to breathe louder to respond when he made noise. My boyfriend noticed and sounded pretty relieved that I was awake, I still didn't feel alive. I eventually started moving a bit and talking a few hours later but I was still on bed rest and couldn't hold the baby or breastfeed him because I couldn't move well, barely at all. My friends stayed the night with us and brought the baby over to me when he was crying to try to get him to get used to me still, but I was upset that I couldn't do much for him. The next day I got a blood transfusion  and I was feeling better a few hours later. I got used to walking again and felt so relieved to be able to do a bit more and help take care of the baby. The nurses came and checked up on me, most that I can't remember, but told me bits and pieces of what happened. There were around 12 nurses in the room and they weren't sure I was going to make it with how things were looking. I'm glad I'm okay for the sake of the baby's health and care. I'm on day 4 now and am able to do so much more. 😊 at 16 years old, it was pretty scary and a pretty good story to have under my belt. I pulled through though.